Friday, April 15, 2011

Recipe: Salmon Sandwich

Leftovers can be rough, especially when you try and utilize them in new ways.  While this may not have reinvented the sandwich it was tasty...and would have been even tastier if I had some thick cut bacon on hand (feel free to add that to the recipe if you so wish).  The great thing about this sandwich is the double goodness of fiber and protein.  The bread gives you 10g (5g per slice) of fiber and the fish is a great source of lean protein, sure to help keep you full.  I am not a big mayo fan so instead I tossed a little bit of lettuce in Caesar dressing.

I used:

1 4oz portion of Miracle Marinade Salmon (though any seasoning you like would work)
2 pieces Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat bread
Caesar dressing

In a toaster toast the bread so it is just beginning to darken (low or medium low).  In a bowl toss a handful of lettuce with the dressing to just coat.  Place the lettuce on the toasted bread and top with the salmon fillet, I left mine cold but feel free to reheat if desired.

Additional toppings could include bacon, avocado, red onion, or red pepper etc.

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