Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tips: Use Smaller Plates

This blog has also become somewhat of healthy eating blog.  As my lifestyle has changed I hope to also bring my thoughts on eating healthy to also eating cheap and cooking easy.  This post, however, is about a choice you make before the food is served: The Plate.  Many of us grew up eating on a 12 inch plate, but what would happen if you switched to an 8 inch plate?

Actually it will do two things for you.  First, obviously it will put less food on your plate as you have four less inches to fit it.  BUT, when looking at your plate your brain will think you are actually eating more.

There is also a trick I've found when fixing your plate, and it seems the government has adopted my strategy with their reinvention of the food pyramid.  Start your plate with your fruits and vegetables, which should fill about half your plate.  Next plate your protein.  Finally plate your carbs (hopefully the whole grain/whole wheat ones).  This strategy helps you eat the recommended amounts of food for each meal.

I hope these thoughts help you in your quest to eat healthy, delicious, and easy.

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