Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tips: Reach for the Back

This tip is fairly self explanatory but can help you get fresher produce and the longest lasting salads, dairy, and meats.  Essentially every time a grocery store gets a new shipment in, and for some stores every time they restock the shelves they are supposed to rotate their products meaning the newest product goes in the back.  So when you are shopping for milk, yogurt, cheese, or salad (etc etc etc) always take the time to get search for the longest date from the day you buy.  This way you have the least likely chance of the food going bad before you use it saving you shopping trips and money.

The same can be said with fresh produce but to some lesser degree.  Berries tend to either be rotated or simply restocked where space is available, while fruit or vegetables in bins most often is simply dumped on top.  For those you may still need to manually and visually make sure what you are buying looks or feels the freshest.

One caveat with this method.  Please put the merchandise back on the shelves or in its proper location after you take the one you want.  Someone has to clean up the mess you make looking for those long shelf lives and great deals so help them out OK?

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