Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat Bread

There are two things that are always red flags about bread for me, even as someone who isn't a carb counter.  The first is when nothing about the bread is particularly nutritious.  The second is when the calorie count (especially for the non-nutritious types) is through the roof.  I personally don't want to be eating a hundred or more calories a slice for it to not fill me up and keep me full.

Luckily, Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat solves not only both those problems but also tastes good.  Each slice only has 50 calories and each brings 5 grams of fiber to the table.  Meaning that in a two slice sandwich you are getting 40% of your daily fiber intake.  Thats 4 grams of soluble fiber (to keep you full) and 6 grams of insoluble fiber (intestinal health).  It also carries with it 25mg total of Omega-3 fatty acids per slice (heart/brain health).  You also get 3g of protein per slice to help keep you full for longer.

Now I know what you are thinking, all that health stuff is great but how does it taste? The good news is that I think it tastes great.  It has a mild wheat flavor, the bread is soft, and the crusts are just the right amount of chewy/wheaty.

If you want a filling lunch with this try it as a PB&J.  I've done this quite a bit at work and I'm always amazed at how long I stay feeling full.  It is very versatile and can work with any lunch-meats or sandwich combinations as well. This is a great bread to start your morning off right with, even if all you have time for is toast.  Add a bit of butter and for around 100 calories you've got a surprisingly filling breakfast...made even better if you have time to add an egg or piece of ham.

Try this bread out, it retails for about $2.50 a loaf and has become my mainstay bread because of its low calorie count, high nutritional value, and great taste.

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