Friday, August 19, 2011

Blog Spotlight: 101 Cookbooks

I don't often have time to pour through other blogs, but I'd like to give a shout-out whenever I see one that is really worthy of your attention.  The one I am posting about today, 101 Cookbooks, is pretty incredible.
Here is the welcome from the blogs author:

I'm Heidi Swanson and 101 Cookbooks is where I write about the recipes that intersect my life, travels and interests. I focus on natural, whole foods and ingredients - vegetarian recipes that are good for you, with the occasional sweet treat. Welcome!

Heidi has been featured in the Washington Post, vegetarian Times, NPR, LIFE, USA Today and many many others.

Not only does it have good enough to eat pictures of the ingredients and the dishes, but there are well written and thought out intros and recipes.

Many of the recipes are very easy and highlight seasonal ingredients, honest preparation, and rustic appeal.  Recipes that caught my interest were the tempeh curry, the golden tomato sauce, and Heather's Quinoa

Especially if you are vegetarian or vegan I hope you check out this blog and enjoy reading through it as much as I have.

A link to the blog can be found HERE

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