Sunday, August 21, 2011

Recipe: Cheese Toast with Fig Preserves

So this is a really simple recipe and is great as a breakfast, however, it could also easily be made into an appetizer.  The picture at the bottom is how I made it for breakfast, and in the future I would try and cut the cheese just a bit thinner but it worked out fine.  I will provide both how I made that and how I think the appetizer would be made.  Cheese wise I would stick to a white cheese, and perhaps on the milder end.  I would also warn recommend cutting from a block of cheese as sandwich cheese tends to have a bit less flavor. Munster is what I used but a provolone, baby swiss, or mild white cheddar, among others, could all work.  If you are the type that would like the cheese melted, simply stick it under the broiler after it is assembled for a minute or two and the cheese and preserves will be hot and bubbly.

For the breakfast version you will need:
1 piece of bread
Fig preserves
1 slice of Munster from a block of cheese

Toast the piece of bread in the toaster between settings on the setting that will make it just crisp and brown (about 3.5 for mine).  When finished spread a layer of fig preserves on the bread and top with the slice of cheese.  The sweetness of the fig and crunchiness of the bread pairs very well with the cheese.

For the appetizer version you will need:
1 french baguette, cut into rounds
Fig preserves
Slices of Munster from a block of cheese

Preheat the oven to 350 and toast the rounds of the baguette for 6-8 minutes or until browned.  Top each with a smear of fig preserves and a slice of Munster.  Broil in the oven if you wish to melt the cheese.

In the picture the piece of toast closer to you was broiled in the oven after assembly for a few minutes, the farther piece is as described above.

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